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Was there anything more entertaining as pulling back that metal slip on a floppy disk and letting it fling shut? This Floppy Disk Table will remind you of the good old days whenever you sit down in front of your TV. Slide the disk cover back and you’ve got some storage for remotes and coasters. You can buy one here if your inner geek is urging you to do so.

How did I miss this element of the floppy table?

super cool! for someone who loves computer and furniture at the same time.. :)

For a day, I want to be…

We were drinking coffee and out of the blue one of my friends asked this question -“If you could have a job for one day or a week or two, what would it be?”

I thought it was a perfect question because at some point of our lives (or.. most of the time) we wish we were someone else or did different things that would perfectly fit us and enhance our skills and talents.. or simply do what we really love. 

We came up with different answers. Mark and John wanted to be not just a boss, but the ridiculously rich and on top of the ladder boss, a.k.a. CEO/COO/god-of-the-corporate-world. Come to think of it, I think it’s a typical wish to become rich and famous. Seriously, who doesn’t want that? Not only you get to order people around, but your only problem would be how to spend your million bucks in one day. Yeah, it comes around with the difficulty of finding true friends and true love, but what the heck you’re at least rich. 

I wanted to be a barista or a bartender; I like the thought of making someone a special drink. Plus, I get to have free alcoholic drinks or coffee…and if I’m good, I get to have a tip! Dezza wanted to be a food tester..(or taster?). I should have come up with that answer first. Haha! That’s really awesome, say if you don’t like the taste you can expertly say “Nope, this wasn’t stirred 100x. Do it again!” then give a thumbs down showing your rejection. Then Elaine said she wanted to be a nun (yep, we did all give her a 360 degree eye roll). But then again, it’s just one day, it is indeed curious to know what nuns do in one day. My guess would be praying, but that’s just me, who knows they may be playing poker. :)

And the list goes on to an ice cream vendor, an FBi agent, a nanny for someone famous, a preschool teacher, a diva, a travel blogger, a DJ, a hairstylist, a bouncer, a deal broker, and even a porn star (guess whose idea was that? :)). 

Now, before you guys throw rocks at us, don’t get us wrong, we do have a job. We may at some point hate or love our job but most of the time we do enjoy it. Plus, in the age of depressed economy, we’re lucky to have a job (any violent reactions from the people mentioned above, drop it and suffer in silence). 

That being said, I don’t think there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t jump at the chance to do these things, only if it pays well and has medical insurance benefits. But if it does, I would without a doubt go over that rainbow and never look back.

But then again, I do have a low tolerance for monotony and stupidity. So in the long run, I’d probably be making another list of jobs I wish I had. :)


Now passing the parcel on you, what’s your dream job?

Photo courtesy of Dezza… (not manong guard. phew! ) :P

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